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Vegan Parenting – Vegan Sweet Treats

Vegan Parenting – Vegan Sweet Treats


Vegan parenting can be a challenge. It is difficult to explain to a child why he or she can’t have the same as others their age. This thought set me off on a mission to find vegan sweet treats that actually taste nice. The good news is you have plenty of choices.

‘No Cadburys chocolate? ever?’

These were the words of my father in law, a wonderful man now in his 80’s when he was dishing out his beloved Cadburys.

Tradition in our family dictates that ‘children must have two squares of chocolate whenever they visit’.

No Cadburys chocolate? ever?’

Our 2 boys (ages 4 and 7) still choose to have a little non-vegan foods i.e Granddad’s milk chocolate.

We are ok with this as in the end it will be their choice to be vegan or not.

Things for Elsie (our little girl) are different. She has an intolerance to dairy and she can’t have those products. If you have not read Elsie’s story you can do that on our about us page

What about Elsie?

My father in law’s face said it all when it hit him… His milk chocolate tradition could not involve Elsie. Vegan parenting was going to be a challenge for Grandad especially when it came to vegan sweet treats.

It upset me too but to be honest and up to that point I hadn’t given chocolate much thought.

Why would I? I was far too busy trying to find foods that wouldn’t make Elsie ill and provide all the nutrients she needed.

Well, my father in law’s face got me thinking…

How will Elsie feel when it’s the first day of Advent and everyone is opening their calendar?

What about Easter! What would the Easter bunny bring Elsie?

With a tear in my eye and a heavy heart, I set out on my next bit of research vegan sweet treats…..

‘Accidentally’ Vegan Treats for Kids


As it turned out it was a lot easier than I thought.

Happily, I can tell all of you that are embarking on vegan parenting that there are lots of great vegan sweet treats for kids.

While I was searching I came across a fantastic website called ‘Accidentally Vegan’

The discovery of this website was for us like hitting the jackpot.

The aim of the site is to point out mainstream foods that were never intended to be vegan but are.

Some of the products surprised me.

Here are a few of my favourites that I am looking forward to sharing with Elsie and the boys:

· Starburst

· Skittles

· Chocolate Oreos,

· Frys Peppermint Crème,

· Narins Chocolate Oat Biscuits


Raising Vegan Kids - Vegan treats for kids


Specialist Vegan Treats for Kids


One of the products I knew about before we started our vegan journey was Alpro

I knew it was plant-based but I didn’t realise how important it would become in vegan parenting.

Top tip: Alpro is up there as one of my top 10 vegan products (post coming soon)

When we first made the transition to vegan it was purely for health reasons. I was breastfeeding at the time and the first change I made was milk.

I started to use Alpro soya milk in hot drinks and Alpro single cream in cooking.

Alpro Original Soya Milk is sweet so if you have sugar in your tea or coffee then give it a try with Alpro instead. I tested this out on my mother in law and she didn’t notice I did not add sugar!

I have tried some of the cheaper alternatives but none of them come close to the taste of Alpro for me.

While looking into vegan treats for kids I noticed the ‘Alpro chocolate milk drink

I don’t know about yours but my kids love milkshake and I felt giddy that I could give them ‘vegan chocolate milk’.

Best of all it meant Elsie could enjoy a cup of cold chocolate milk on a summers day with her brothers.

Gold star for Mummy and a win for vegan parenting!

Elsie is not quite up to drinking it from the straw but she’ll sip it from her cup.


Raising Vegan Kids - Vegan treats for kids

Vegan Advent Calendar Conundrum


I’d solved the chocolate milk issue but still needed nice vegan chocolate.

I had tried loads of vegan chocolate aimed at adults but I couldn’t remember a single one. For me, that spoke volumes.

Moo discovery


I found Moo whilst looking for vegan advent calendars.

Moo Free is vegan chocolate and it has some great reviews.

I noticed that they were doing a vegan advent calendar, vegan selection box and other vegan Christmas treats.

I ordered some of there mini moo free organic chocolate bars.


Raising Vegan Kids - Vegan treats for kids


I was happy that they came in 25g bars. I could let the kids have a whole 25g bar to themselves without dreading the post chocolate hyper!!

The Moo Free Bars arrived- the boys were at school but I couldn’t wait to pick them up! Instead of having the usual groan because they couldn’t have a mix-up from the ice-cream van, I got a “wow thanks mummy”.

They managed to wait until we got back to the car and then the boys sat there, silently eating their chocolate.

I was on to a winner they loved it.

Yes, they wanted more (good sign) and no they couldn’t have more (mean mummy) but I was so pleased that this was a chocolate vegan treat they could all have.

I then went on to order 4 x vegan Moo Free Vegan Advent Calendar and they were great too.

Elsie loved hers.


Vegan Parenting - Vegan treats for kids

Grandad was happy too!

We now have a very happy and at ease granddad. He can give Elsie, two pieces of her favourite moo free milk chocolate when she visits. The boys enjoyed it so much that they have swapped to Moo Free too.

Hopefully, this article will help with vegan parenting and finding those all important vegan sweet treats.

Bye for now and happy advent to everyone.

Toni x

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