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Wellbeu is a vegan lifestyle blog based in the UK. We want to share our story and help others along their own vegan journey. Our aim is to break down the barriers and make a plant-based lifestyle more accessible by helping you to find the best vegan products. 

Let me set the scene. I’m enjoying a drink with friends and I announce our new venture to them. ‘I’m going for a vegan lifestyle’. After they stopped coughing up their drinks their first question (minus the expletives) was ‘Why on earth would you want to be vegan?’


1 or 2 of the slightly more intelligent ones in our group (intelligent is an exaggeration) thought I was jumping on some kind of bandwagon. The rest just said things like ‘what will you eat?’ and ‘it’ll cost you a fortune to be vegan’.


As I sat there contemplating how cynical our friends were I had to be honest with myself… Before the birth of our daughter, I would have asked the same things.

Meet Elsie

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She was born weighing a very healthy 9lb and took to breastfeeding immediately despite a ‘challenging’ birth – all looked very well indeed.


Over the course of her first few weeks of life, she had her 20 or so daily appointments (as you will know if you’re a parent in the UK!) and we started to notice a worrying trend – Elsie was not gaining any weight.


Soon enough we began to get referrals to paediatricians and dietitians as everyone clamoured to tell us absolutely nothing. The infant feeding team almost moved their offices to our house but despite all this, there was still no weight gain.


Through countless anxiety filled sleepless nights, we did our own research and began to suspect a food intolerance/allergy – probably dairy.


We asked every medical professional if they would prescribe dairy free baby milk. You would think this would be simple right? Wrong! It was far from it.


So while we jumped through every hoop possible we decided to take matters into our own hands and try a vegan lifestyle.

Becoming a vegan

Adopting a vegan lifestyle by definition is: “a person who does not eat or use animal products”. So this meant no meat, eggs, dairy and a whole host of other things.

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This was Elsie aged 3 months and at the beginning of our vegan lifestyle experiment (a beauty but tiny)



So did it help? You bet it did but more on that in a minute.


For pure simplicity and in support of their baby rugrat everyone in the household decided to ‘go vegan’.


We all agreed on one thing. This was going to be a horrendous period of our collective lives and the males in the house would be less male by the end of it.

How wrong could we be?

Well, we were completely wrong. We loved it from the day we started. Experimenting with foods and other things like skincare and shampoo. Trying to find foods that taste just like meat feels wrong but its the most fun part!


We missed cheese but then we found an awesome alternative and the health benefits were nothing short of amazing. Our energy levels increased within a few days – everyone noticed the difference even the most cynical of us.


Our teenage son’s skin stopped looking like the surface of the moon and he even got a girlfriend (no mean feat).


Noah our middle son, suffers from IBS like his Dad and both of them couldn’t believe the improvement. ‘Healthy poo’ is now the phrase of choice in our house!


But then there was Elsie.




Within a week my vegan lifestyle had helped her to gain 9oz which was more than triple her previous personal best.


She was happy, content and smiling.


Her hair started to grow and best of all she started sleeping.


Not just any kind of sleeping. To this day she will sleep at least 10 hours a night on most nights.


By 7 months our baby looked and acted completely different.


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We loved the vegan lifestyle so much so we decided to continue. It became a passion.


Finding new products and trying new recipes is fun but by the time I went back to full-time work, it became a challenge particularly raising vegan kids. Making the time to find out what may or may not be vegan is very time-consuming.




That is how a vegan lifestyle website called Wellbeu came to be. We think that if it was easier to become and remain vegan many more people would give it a go.


Our goal is to share the wellness with you and that is what we do on our site, we make it easier to be vegan.


If you have any questions about anything on this page feel free to drop us an email. If you have a vegan product that you would like us to share please let us know.

If you would like to know more about our vegan journey you can visit our blog

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