Vegan Food and Sweet Treats

Vegan Food and Sweet Treats

So you can have your cake (vegan) and eat it. These are some of the best vegan food and sweet treat offerings we can find! Enjoy.

Mock Vegan Meals


Mock envisage a world where everybody has the choice and accessibility to eat great tasting food, without worrying about environmental sustainability, personal health & animal welfare.


The guys over at Mock have created a plant-based protein, similar to the texture of meat, with similar levels of nutrition. This protein is then used to re-create authentic dishes from around the world. All recipes only include plant-based alternatives & 100% natural ingredients. I’ll let you into a little secret too they taste amazing.

Authentic. Handmade. Meat Free. The Alternative - MOCK

Love Cocoa Vegan Sweet Treats


Love Cocoa was inspired by John Cadbury James Cadbury (Owner) great, great, great Grandfather. Love Cocoa’s aim is to make British chocolate great once more, reinventing chocolate classics with a contemporary. All products being natural and free-from palm oil.


It is their mission to tackle problems which are rife within the cocoa industry such as deforestation, cocoa farmer poverty and human rights abuses, by donating 10% of profits to the Rainforest Foundation.


Love Cocoa took part on Dragons’ Den in 2018.


Some of our favourites are the vegan Gin and Tonic dark chocolate and English Mint dark chocolate.


Go on treat yourself!


Be aware: Not all products are vegan but are clearly marked

Luxury Chocolate Bar Gifts and Treats, delivered by post UK - Love Cocoa

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